Seeking funds and enthusiasts

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There is currently no regular statutory funding for any of this work, although geological conservation is encouraged in government planning policy, and guidance on the selection of Local Geological Sites and on practical conservation work is published by Natural England, the government agency responsible for nature conservation.

Work is resourced through a combination of voluntary efforts, occasional contracts from local authorities and Natural England, and specific grant-funded projects. These projects are devised by the county geoconservation groups and money for them is sought from a variety of grant schemes, including those funded by the National Lottery.  From 2002 – 2011, the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund was a significant source of money for geoconservation projects.

Despite the competitive nature of grant-funding, The Geology Trusts’ member groups have been very successful, and there can be a dozen or more different county-based projects being undertaken at any one time. Project work is carried out by a range of volunteers and paid personnel.

It has been the aim of several county groups to ensure that they always have at least one project running and a project officer in place. This has enabled them to establish a local office and maintain a constant level of service to members of the public, local agencies and government authorities.

However, volunteers are always needed! If you are an enthusiastic amateur or professional geologist or geomorphologist, or if you simply have an interest in your local Earth Heritage, please get in touch with your county geoconservation group.