The Geology Trusts

Who we are

The Geology Trusts is a multi-regional umbrella organisation established to support county-based geoconservation groups across England.

Those conservation groups are our member organisations and many of them have the word “Trust” in their names, reflecting their care-taking role for geology and landscape. Thus the title “The Geology Trusts” is used both to refer to our central organisation and as a collective term for its members, similar to the way in which “The Wildlife Trusts” refers to the national and local bodies caring for wildlife.

Our executive committee is made up of representatives from our member organisations, usually their chairman and a project officer. The Geology Trusts’ executive is therefore completely representative of its membership and those present at meetings can speak with authority on behalf of their county-based groups. These representatives elect annually, from amongst themselves, a Chairman and Treasurer for The Geology Trusts.

Internal communications and meetings are coordinated by an appointed Director / Secretary who acts as a first point of contact for enquiries and seeks opportunities for collaboration with other conservation organisations as potential external partners.

Our main office is in Worcester, but our member groups are based across the country, from Yorkshire to Wiltshire and from Shropshire to Suffolk.

Our members are non-profit organisations, made up of professional and amateur geologists and any other people interested in helping to record and protect their local geodiversity and share their enthusiasm for it with others. Read on to discover more about the range of activities these groups are involved in.

What we do

Our work can be divided into two parts:

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