Geodiversity Action Plans

Local Geodiversity Action Plans (LGAPs)

Local Geodiversity Action Plans (LGAPs) are documents setting out the actions required to conserve, enhance and promote the geodiversity of a particular geographical area.

Local Geodiversity Action Plans (LGAPs)

Local Geodiversity Action Plans (LGAPs).

They provide an audit of the geodiversity sites and of the resources and skills available to help reach measurable targets for their conservation.

LGAPs should involve people from local government, industry, geoconservation organisations, the community, education and, of course, local landowners, all working in partnership. The Geology Trusts’ members are amongst those organisations working to ensure that their counties are covered by current LGAPs.

The UK Geodiversity Action Plan

Launched in 2011, the UK Geodiversity Action Plan (UKGAP) sets out a framework for geodiversity action across the United Kingdom. It has been developed and agreed through wide consultation and dialogue across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland between organisations, groups and individuals currently involved with geodiversity, including The Geology Trusts.

The UKGAP provides a shared context and direction for geodiversity action through a common aim, objectives and targets which link national, regional and local activities. It is hoped that it will be a mechanism for encouraging partnership, influencing decision and policy makers and funding bodies, and promoting good practice. It establishes a shared understanding of what is happening and what needs to happen to promote and conserve geodiversity, a process for measuring and reporting on progress and, importantly, celebrating success.