A key aim of The Geology Trusts has been to seek funds centrally for projects carried out in partnership by some or all of its members.  Since it was established, it has raised more than £350,000 for collaborative projects.

Our ability to deliver work over a large geographical area and the reduction in administration that results from a single large bid, as opposed to several smaller applications, is attractive to funding bodies.  For the participating groups, central management of a joint project simplifies the administrative burden and allows for the sharing of resources and manpower between counties when needed.

A further benefit of this partnership work has been in the shared experience.  Uniform methods and best practice have been developed, and participating groups have grown in confidence and expertise.  This is best demonstrated by the proliferation of local projects running at any one time in addition to the collaborative work.  Grants for work devised and bid for by our member county groups have amounted to nearly £3 million in the last decade.  To read more about this local work, visit the websites of our member organisations.

A major source of funding for geoconservation projects from 2002 to 2011 was the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund, the support of which we gratefully acknowledge for this website.